Accept a “Marisa’s Mission” and become a “Marisa’s Missionary”

Students from Bishop George Ahr High School in Edison will be the first to participate in a “Marisa’s Mission” for The Marisa Tufaro Foundation.

The foundation hopes community service will be an integral part of its mission of helping children in need throughout the greater Middlesex County area. Bishop Ahr High School is helping the foundation realize that goal by accepting a mission in which a group of students will volunteer their time as “Marisa’s Missionaries” to engage in meaningful interaction with students at the Edison-based Lakeview School, one of the nation’s largest day programs for children with multiple disabilities.

Plans for future “Marisa’s Missions,” scheduled to take place with other children and organizations, and to involve students from other high schools as “Marisa’s Missionaries,” will be posted periodically on our foundation website, so please consider revisiting this site for updates.

The “Marisa’s Mission” involving Bishop Ahr students will be held in October and will reflect one of Marisa’s favorite pastimes.


Venus Majeski, director of development and community relations at the New Jersey Institute for Disabilities, which operates the Lakeview School, will meet with students at Bishop Ahr in advance of their mission. At that time, Bishop Ahr students will be briefed on their mission, which involves working with Lakeview School students on an arts and crafts project that The Marisa Tufaro Foundation will provide.

As ambassadors of our foundation, each Bishop Ahr student will be asked to wear a specially designed purple “Marisa’s Missionary” shirt – emblazoned with our foundation logo and complements of our foundation – to the Lakeview School.

The foundation will treat Bishop Ahr students to a light breakfast (bagels, muffins, pastries, protein bars, fruit and beverages) upon their arrival to the Lakeview School, at which time Ms. Majeski will review the details of their mission.

Andrew Brazicki - Marisa Tufaro Foundation

Andrew Brazicki, a former Bishop Ahr football star, recently visited the Lakeview School

Immediately after breakfast, Bishop Ahr students will work with the Lakeview School students on an arts and crafts project under the supervision of Lakeview School teachers.

The Bishop Ahr students will write a brief essay about their Lakeview School experience, addressing what they learned on their “Marisa’s Mission” and the value of community service. We’ll share some of those reflections on our website.

Exactly one month ago today, the Bishop Ahr High School community concluded its annual Service Week. The program was designed to provide students with an opportunity to participate in service outreach, to develop a greater understanding of the needs of others and to determine practical ways to implement Catholic Social Teaching. You can read more about that initiative here.

At Bishop Ahr, every student is encouraged to strive for spiritual, academic, social, creative and athletic excellence through the interaction of a caring community.

Cheerleaders Julia Fedor (L) and Danielle Freund - Marisa's Missionaries

Cheerleaders Julia Fedor (L) and Danielle Freund, who graduated in May from Bishop Ahr, recently visited the Lakeview School

The Lakeview School has more than 150 students — ranging in age from 3 to 21 — with nearly 100 different medical diagnoses. The Lakeview School is a 60,000-square-foot state-of-the art facility with spacious suites for occupational, physical and speech therapy. The Lakeview School boasts the most extensive clinical staff of any private or public school in the state, providing consultant medical and psychological services, specialized nursing services, social services and medical screenings.

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